Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Starting to look like a porch

That stack of triangular things in the foreground is the set of trusses for the back porch.  The truss company takes your drawings and makes up a kind of kit, and when the carpenter puts the kit together, you get a porch roof like this one.

400 Pounds of concrete and probably another 100 pounds of dirt in the hole will hopefully keep the light pole standing. 

The back half of the house will have a nice walk-around (as long as you're no taller than me) attic.

Lots of colorful plumbing.  It's called PEX and it's cool stuff.  Definitely easier to install, and modify later if necessary.

Everybody's taking a few days off for the holiday now, including me, although all the windows are being delivered tomorrow, but they'll just get stored in the shop until the framing is done.  I'm about a third of the way through the shop-door-building project, so I might get back on that some this weekend, but then again, I might just be lazy.

Every evening Molly and I walk around the property, at least down to the mailbox and back, and tonight as the sun was going down, I brought along the binoculars to get to know the surrounding hills a little better and see if I could spot the border fence.  Across my field of vision I saw a beautiful red-tail hawk making circles over the property and landing in one of our oak trees.  I decided maybe Molly should go back in the trailer....  But after I tucked her away, I looked for the hawk and he was gone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Progress sampler

Lots of different little things going on this week.  It all counts!

The shop door panels are glued up and sanded

We're starting to see a dining room

...and a front porch

We did an Iwo Jima-style pole raising today and hopefully will get some concrete in the hole tomorrow.

I roughed out the knee brackets that will go on the front of the house.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Something old, something new

I've been anxious to get some tools in the shop and get to work on the things I'm signed up to build, starting with the big nine-foot-tall shop doors.  The boys obliged by putting the skin on the shop first, but the roof won't really be waterproof until the shingles go on.  So yesterday, just ahead of the latest Campo rain showers, we got a big tarp up there.  Good timing too, because it rained most of last night and again this morning.

Several years ago, I built a gazebo for my good friends Sherryl and Jerry, and unfortunately this past year a big pine tree fell on it and destroyed it.  Only the deck boards survived, and  with Sherryl's permission, I plan to incorporate many of those boards in the new shop doors.

Running the boards through the planer showed good wood about 1/8" down, with just enough imperfection to give them character.


It was so great to be back in the woodshop again after all this time and this operation certainly produced a lot of sawdust!

Since there are no doors or windows, I board them up at night.  That's a window on the left wall.

Here's what I'm hoping the shop doors will look like 

Wish me luck!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Gimme some skin!

Sorry, couldn't resist the corny title.  I was gone for a couple of weeks, and the boys have made progress.  I asked them to skin the shop first so we can close it in, which will give me a place to work on the things I've signed up to do, starting with the big nine-foot shop doors.

They also got the trenches dug for water, septic, and electricity.  Some of the pipe and conduit is in, and the rest will be in the ground soon.

Sarah Palin has nothing on me; I can see Mexico from my kitchen window.

View out the front door as the sun sets

The world's cheapest security system...

Starting to get some interior walls... Stay tuned!