Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grading in 104 degree heat

Matt and Alex brought the bobcat out yesterday morning and got a lot of leveling done, but didn't quite finish. It was stinkin' hot.  We went through about half a case of water bottles, and had to pull the generator completely out of the box because it was overheating while I was using the well pump to wet down the dirt.

Had a little bit of panic when the pump wouldn't come on.  It had worked in the morning, but when I tried to fire it up later, the switch had failed.  We just bypassed it and were back in business.

By the way, did you read the song lyric over to the right, John Prine's Spanish Pipedream? If you're reading this in email, you probably can't see it.  You have to be on the blogger page.

I've decided it should be my theme song.... :)
The thing on the tripod is a laser transit that they're using to get the pad dead level