Saturday, May 28, 2016

Okay, I might be a redneck...

The washer and dryer arrived today and they hooked up the washing machine, but couldn't hook up the dryer because it has to be converted to propane.  I'm pretty sure the propane company will do that, but I won't ask them to come out until the stove arrives, so they can do both at the same time.

However... I was running out of jeans, so rigged up a redneck clothesline.  I think the tire and propane tank are a nice touch, don't you?

This wasn't the first time I've jury rigged a clothesline.  Before I went to the Vintage Trailer Rally last week I decided it was time to wash the trailer curtains (for the first time in oh.. like... ever...)

Here's a the wood stove, all hooked up and ready for a break in this 80-degree weather.

We now have the woodstove, the heater/AC on the wall,
and ceiling fans.  I'm ready for anything!

Not really ready for this though... I've been fascinated by the long caterpillar tracks, but this one ain't no caterpillar!

Somebody passed through my property.. Hope he kept on going!

Been working on the kitchen cabinets and tried a couple times to get a photo of the Marmoleum floor, but it's not an easy shot with the glare from the windows.  Here's a little corner of the dining room that shows the two colors.

This is the drawing I did showing the kitchen and dining room. No flooring under the sink cabinet, since it's a wall-to-wall "built-in."

Granddaughter Macey ("Ace") got not one but two wild mustangs yesterday, and has requested a place to gallop them around when she trailers them out here to Campo, so I plowed the South 40, and made her a flat place to work the ponies.  I'll do the final smoothing when she's ready to use it, since the gophers are keeping it "aerated."

The littlest granddaughter Maya made this sign for me when I was camped on their property.  Had to move it out here!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Making Progress

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Painting's done, all but some touchups.  Here you can see the stonework on the porch.  Still need to wrap the posts with tapered columns as shown in the drawing:

The columns need to be made of the Hardie Board that the siding is made of.  It's basically cement and a bear to work with, but no real wood less than an inch and a half thick is allowed on the outside of the house, sayeth the fire marshal

For the dining room
Other progress includes ceiling fans...

The study/guest bedroom

And the living room

The tilework is done in my cool retro bathroom and the laundry room.

Same tile in the laundry room.  It will mostly be covered by the washer and dryer.

The air conditioner is in.  It's just a little 1 1/2 ton "mini-split," but it will cool the living room and probably the rest of this well-insulated house.  It's a heat pump, which means it is also a heater to supplement the wood stove for those cold mornings when I forgot to bring firewood into the house the night before...

Speaking of the bathroom, I now have a fancy shower and tub thingy,


A propane water heater

And sconces in both bedrooms and the living room

Check out this cool lamp I bought at the swap meet.

Move-in date is still TBD.  It was supposed to happen last week, but alas... We're getting close though. The electricians were here today installing the outlets.  Unfortunately they came with the wrong switches so they'll have to come back.

Washer and dryer are coming tomorrow and I was thinking of even doing a little laundry this weekend, but the propane guy has to come out and convert the dryer to LP gas, and he'll have to do that to the stove as well, so it will probably have to wait.  The stove, fridge, sinks, dishwasher, and assorted other stuff is supposed to arrive June 3. Toilet not for two or three days after that.  Hope I can hold it! :)

I also got the woodstove today, but it came with the wrong legs, so pix of that will have to wait until next time.

Stay tuned!