Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shop Topper

A barn-style shop needs a weather vane, and a weather vane needs a cupola, so we now have both. This project wasn't as high on the priority list as other more important things, like varnishing the doors, but sometimes the fun projects find their way to the top.

I actually bought the materials to give old friend Bruce and me something to do during his recent visit, but that came on a cold rainy weekend, and we opted for reading in front of the fire instead.

The weather vane is something I've always wanted, and it was a gift from Mer's good buddy Kellie.

For fire protection, it's all covered with the same cement-based Hardie plank used for siding on the buildings, so the cupola is pretty heavy.  It went up on the roof in three parts.  I got the base up and bolted down by myself, but needed good neighbor Josiah to help hoist the louvered section and the roof.

I'm also learning to bake "artisan" bread in my new cast iron Dutch oven. Crunchy crust and soft inside.  Mighty yummy.

And you know what they say about all work and no play...


  1. I continue to be amazed and impressed by your skills my friend, but then I only ever see you drink beer and insult my accent and language.

  2. Well thank you sir, and as long as you Brits continue to make good beer, you can keep talking funny.

  3. Let's be honest...a fair amount of the lassitude experienced that weekend was due to a significant amount of Jamison's Irish. And, the rain of course.

  4. The above comment, from the contributor with the nom de screen "Unknown," can be none other than the one and only Bruce, although as I recall, it was a thoroughly wholesome weekend, with lots of green leafy vegetables and pure fruit juices, with perhaps the tiniest splash of Jameson's, which everyone knows is beneficial for the heart.

  5. Just finished one of those yummy loaves -- thanks again!
    -David S.

  6. Come visit me in Campo and I'll bake you another one, David!🍞