Friday, June 16, 2017

Spring 2017

One of the less-fun tasks I signed up for was staining and finishing  the 14 doors the designer (Yours Truly) put in this house.  Each had to be toted out to the shop and given several coats, then brought back in and re-installed. 

Definitely glad to be finished with that project.


Revolving jig allows finishing both sides at the same time

Sealing with a light color, then rubbing dark stain into the pores gives an antique effect.

Laundry Room Shelves

Not very exciting, but functional.

Defensible Space

Every year, our esteemed electric company (of which I am NOT a customer) gives grants to homeowners who live near their big ugly high-power lines, for the purpose of fire prevention.  It's my understanding that this largess is the result of a lawsuit over the fact that the above-mentioned power lines started one of our disastrous brush fires a few years ago.

If you qualify and are willing to do a bunch of paperwork, you can pay to have the brush trimmed, dead trees removed, and weeds whacked within 100 feet of your buildings.  You front the money of course, and then they come out and inspect the work, and hopefully cut a reimbursement check.

I'm at the point of having paid the money and filed the paperwork, and am waiting for the inspection.
Wish me luck.




One More Thing

The "Defensible Space" thing is actually a fire department requirement, so you have to do it whether the power company pays for it or not. A lot of my building decisions, like using fire-resistant materials, the big water tank, etc. were dictated by the local fire codes.  The last little detail I needed to attend to was to have house numbers, at least 4" high, so responders could be sure they're at the right house.

So now you can find me...

...I'll leave a light on for you.